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Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast

Apr 11, 2023

When we think about leaders we think of those who have just the right answer to every situation, those who can move crowds, who can make or break a team. But what if we are looking at leadership the wrong way? Is a leader a creator of followers or is a leader a person who creates other leaders?

My guest today knows what it takes to lead others to become leaders. L. David Marquet ( is a retired United States Navy captain and the bestselling author of Turn the Ship Around and Leadership is Language. He was the commander of the submarine USS Santa Fe. He turned the submarine from the worst in the fleet to the most successful by using a "leader-leader" model of leadership. He became captain of the submarine in 1999 and, since his retirement, the submarine has continued to win awards.
Since then he has worked as a leadership expert and speaks to audiences globally. 


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