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Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast

Sep 26, 2023

Curiosity can save help your team and your job. In this episode, you will learn why this skill is so essential and how to master it. 

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Sep 19, 2023

One of the most popular episodes was the interview with John Kotter, author of multiple books and the authority of change management. 

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In this episode, we will review the 8 steps for change management from John...

Feb 23, 2023

In this mini-episode, learn how to manage conflict, do a better pitch and answer the question "So, what do you do?"

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Feb 21, 2023

Don’t you feel now that as we mostly engage our lives online that it is very difficult to communicate verbally? 

We can be misunderstood, we have to deal with angry customers, pitching our ideas, or how to say no to others. We address all of these issues with Sam Horn (

Sam Horn is a...

Nov 30, 2021

This episode was originally aired in February 2021. 


Negotiation is not about winners or losers, playing tough or misleading. It is about seeking a deal where everyone can benefit. In this episode we learn how to become better negotiators from Diana Buttu, a lawyer specializing in negotiations,...