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Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

This episode was originally aired in February 2021. 


Negotiation is not about winners or losers, playing tough or misleading. It is about seeking a deal where everyone can benefit. In this episode we learn how to become better negotiators from Diana Buttu, a lawyer specializing in negotiations,...

Jun 24, 2021

In this episode we talk about one of the skills most difficult to master: good writing.  My guest is Leslie O’Flahavan is a get to the point writer and experienced instructor. She is the owner of the company E-write ( and she has provided customized writing courses for Fortune 500...

Jun 10, 2021

Today we will talk about Grit and our expert is former Army Colonel David Fivecoat ( ), who served twenty-four years as an infantry officer, leading men and women during contingency operations in Kosovo and Bosnia, three combat tours in Iraq, and a combat tour...

Apr 22, 2021

This is the final episode of the season two. This season we have featured mini master classes from well-known experts so listen to the previous episodes from Season 1 and Season 2 to learn more.

In this episode we discuss Emotional Intelligence. In my IO Psychology classes this semester we talked a lot about this...

Apr 15, 2021

In today’s episode we will talk again about the skill of Creativity.

(You can listen for the previous episode here:

Noah Askin (  is an Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at INSEAD business school, located in...