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Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast

Mar 16, 2023

In this mini-episode, learn the do's and don'ts on using assessments to hire new people in your  team. 

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Mar 14, 2023

Today we talk about hiring with Dr Paul Spector (, specifically the role of assessments when it comes to assessing skills. If you have a team or company, what are some of the considerations to take when assessing if you have a capable candidate. Also, what areas should you avoid? And, if you...

Dec 29, 2022

If you are a regular listener of this podcast you know that beyond the learning you do for your work related skills to get you in the door, the “soft” skills are the ones that will truly make you succeed. Especially transitioning careers or planning the way ahead, honing your “soft” skills is extremely...

Sep 13, 2022

In this episode we talk about Self-Assessment.  

- Why is it important to conduct a self-assessment? 
- Why should we focus on our Strengths? 

This episode also includes a replay of Dominate Your Day with Dana Williams, in which she interviews Yadi about how her strengths have shaped her career. 

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Jul 26, 2022

Today we talk about Optimism. No, I am not referring to how to be all positive all the time and all that stuff. I am referring to how you as tech leader, expert, consultant, can approach the future with a different lens. A lens of possibilities. 

My guest is Tech Humanist Kate O’Neill (