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Hardcore Soft Skills Podcast

May 7, 2024

Picture this, you are giving a presentation to a new customer about this app or this dashboard your team created, explained all the cool technical features at length. You feel good, you think you killed it since you prepared for so long, and at the end, the customer was not interested. 

What went wrong? They just don’t get it, right? Perhaps you did not bothered to put yourself in the feet of the customer. You did not show enough empathy. Something similar happened to my guest jermy adamson. Jeremy is the author of the book Geek with Empathy. 

Jeremy is a leader in AI and analytics strategy, and has a broad range of experience in aviation, energy, financial services, retail, and public administration

You will learn today how to build empathy with those around you to bring you better results at work. He say at the root of every tech problem there is an empathy problem. 

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